Why Am I Doing This To Myself?

Michael Harwick. Ph.D. student in English Literature at The Ohio State University. “Specialist” in Victorian fiction and the history of emotions, which likely explains the stuffy writing.

I don’t have time to be doing this, frankly. I’m supposed to be writing a dissertation. But I watch so many movies and often have a lot of thoughts about them, and given that I’m trained as a cultural critic and textual analyst, I thought I might as well try to give them some kind of shape and coherence for other people also interested in film.

Takes will be pretty strictly limited to 3000 words, once a week or so. Longer than your average review, and likely written in far purpler prose. Spoilers will no doubt abound since it isn’t my job to save you from yourself, and I, after all, have already seen the things I’m writing about. I’m sure I’ll get political.

Your comments are appreciated, and I’ll do my best to engage as many as I can. Part of the joy of this blog is (potentially) getting to talk to people about movies that I can’t ask out for a cup of coffee under ordinary circumstances. And if there’s something you think I should write about, let me know. I won’t always choose a current release, and I don’t have the money to see everything in the theater, but I’ll take recommendations under advisement.

When I’m not here, I’m wondering what people felt across the British Empire of the 19th century and probably reading.